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“Mineral Vitamin”—Okryu Mineral Water

From olden times, Korea has been called a beautiful land with scenic mountains and clear rivers, and it boasts over 100 kinds of mineral waters. Among them is the Okryu mineral water which gushes out on the Taedong riverside in Pyongyang. It tastes distinctive, and its medicinal efficacy is marvellous. The Okryu Mineral Water Shop […]

Unjong Tea Drink Factory Inaugurated

The Unjong Tea Drink Factory was built in the Namsa-ri area of Rangnang District, Pyongyang and went into operation. The factory, provided with all the lines ranging from water filtering to tea exudate, preparation and packaging, is in a position to produce health-promoting tea with peculiar flavour and fragrance. Kim Tok Hun, member of the […]

Increase in electricity production.

The electricity production branch, one of the country’s key industries, is ready to fulfill the programmatic tasks presented at the VIII Congress of the Korean Labor Party. This branch has the task of guaranteeing the stable development of the national economy and the material and cultural life of the people, by fixing and reinforcing all […]

Electronic Medical Device Factory.

The newly modernized Pyongyang Electronic Medical Device Factory occupies about 13,200 square meters of total building area and has various production processes, general control cabinet, technical development room, scientific-technical dissemination room, etc. Its construction created a foundation for further developing the country’s medical device industry. It is provided with sufficient equipment for the production and […]

Pomhyanggi-brand cosmetics

Pomhyanggi-brand cosmetics are favoured by the Korean women.The Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory, located in Sinuiju City of North Phyongan Province, produces various series of Pomhyanggi-brand cosmetics in keeping with the aesthetic demands of women and the world trend in cosmetics industry.For example, the third-series cosmetics are suitable for only skin and the fourth-series are good for dry […]

Successes in the metallurgical industry in the Battle of 80 days.

The Kim Chaek Steel Complex, after reaching the goal of steel production, exceeded the crude iron production plan. This was achieved by introducing appropriate methods to keep the oxygen blast heating furnace operating. In recent days, the Hwanghae Steel Complex, which has already met its crude iron production target, successively completed the production plans for […]

The Sonhung Food Processing Plant.

The products of the Sonhung Food Factory are very popular. When it opened more than 20 years ago, it produced just over a dozen varieties of 2 or 3 products. But now it produces more than 400 varieties of more than 10 genera, thanks to the full modernization of production processes. Its products include functional […]

Pasta, tea, popcorn and other corn-based products, popular in Korea.

Crecen cada día más entre las demandas sobre los alimentos de la Fábrica de Productos Procesados de Maíz de Pyongyang que llevan la marca «Hwanggumisak». La planta produce actualmente más de 40 artículos de casi 20 variedades, incluyendo nuevos productos como fideo y té, así dijo la gerente Ryom Sol Mi en conversación con la ACNC y continuó: […]

Cement Production Increases.

The Sangwon Cement Complex is now retaining its reputation as a competent building-materials producer in the country with its boost in cement production.It is making efforts to satisfy the growing demand for cement across the country by bolstering up its production capacity and solving by its own efforts and technology the problems in revitalizing the […]

Biodegradable Goods in Public Favour.

Today, disposable plastic goods are exerting aggravating influence on the environment. Various kinds of disposable biodegradable vessels which are low in production cost and environment-friendly are produced in the DPRK. The vessels are made of by-products of potato starch. Their substance disappears one week after being discarded and degrades naturally and completely in three months. […]

Pyongyang Essential Oil Factory Inaugurated.

The Pyongyang Essential Oil Factory was inaugurated on October 8. The factory established an integrated manufacturing system in all production lines, ranging from extracting and mixing of essential oils to filling and packaging and achieved the integration of research and production. It will turn out a variety of natural essential oils for cooking and industrial […]

Production of Medicines on Increase.

The Jongsong General Pharmaceutical Factory is increasing production of medicines. The factory, which has realized the integration of development, production and marketing of medicines, turns out over 280 kinds of reserve medicines, Koryo medicines and health foods. The transfusion plant has an annual capacity of producing tens of millions of various transfusions, including glucose injection, […]

Beverages Favoured by People.

When Kyonghung Unhasu Beverage Factory was erected in Chukjon-dong No. 1, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, and launched its production in September 2017, it turned out only five kinds of beverages. Officials and technical personnel of the factory found the way of activating business management and production in quality improvement and new products development. They focused their […]

Tanchon Smeltery.

The Tanchon Smeltery is achieving remarkable successes in its efforts to develop the nonferrous metal industry and increase production. In recent years it made strenuous efforts to modernize existing production lines and set up new ones to recycle valuable metals from waste and produce additives and laid firm foundations for increased production. In this course […]

By Introducing Rational Methods.

The Taean Heavy Machine Complex is pushing ahead with production of generating equipment. This year it finished the production of custom-built machines including the generating equipment for the Hungju Youth Power Station No. 4. Now, it is effecting innovations by proactively introducing rational methods. It reduced the refining time of molten iron by introducing a […]

Various Sponge Goods in Great Demand.

Of late, the sponge goods produced at the Sonbong Koast Joint-Venture Company are stealing the public limelight. Tens of kinds of sponge goods are divided into several categories for home and outside use and medical treatment. The peculiar and quality sponge decoration plaques and wallpapers are gaining public favour as they produce mild, comfortable and […]

Flocks of Sheep Grazing by Lake Pujon.

The Pujon Plateau in South Hamgyong Province, one of the eight scenic spots in Korea, offers spectacular scenery of highlands and valleys, and even sunrise over the faraway East Sea of Korea. In the middle of the plateau surrounded by high mountains of some 2 000 metres is Lake Pujon stretching from north to south. […]