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Agricultural Workers Pledge to Reap Bumper Crop

Agricultural workers and members of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea met at the plaza in front of the statue of President Kim Il Sung in Chongsan-ri, Kangso District, on February 18 to vow to implement to the letter the first year’s task under the new five-year plan set forth at the 8th Congress of the […]

Green-house Agriculture.

Large quantities of vegetables are produced in the greenhouses of the Mangyongdae Township of Pyongyang City. These are destined to the inhabitants of the municipality in the four seasons of the year. In the thirteen existing greenhouses, whose surface area reaches one hectare in total, more than 360 tons have been produced this year. This […]

IT Proves Effective in Agriculture.

The Naejung Cooperative Farm in Yomju County of North Phyongan Province put production and management on a scientific and IT footing by introducing a comprehensive agricultural production and control system. With the help of a digital map developed by the Academy of Agricultural Science, the system has database on all fields of the farm according […]

Best Season.

Apple harvest is on the final stage at the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm, one of leading fruit producers in the DPRK. The farm cultivates millions of apple trees of various species, including Sukchon and Chollyong. Every apple reaped this year weighs 100 to 250g, and the heaviest 500g. From the outset of the year, the […]

By Integrating Research with Production.

The Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science, based in Ryongsong District, Pyongyang, is devoted to studies for breeding highly-nutritive vegetable varieties and increasing productivity in PVC-sheet and hydroponic greenhouses. The research institute has directed much effort to studying vegetable seeds of high nutritive value and productivity and achieved successes in breeding […]

To Put Agricultural Production on Scientific and IT Footing.

The Agricultural Information Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science has recently completed the field digital map and introduced it into the agricultural sector of the country. The map contains databases of all arable lands in the country according to classification of fields and land categories. It supports the data of soil and weather conditions […]

Flocks of Sheep Grazing by Lake Pujon.

The Pujon Plateau in South Hamgyong Province, one of the eight scenic spots in Korea, offers spectacular scenery of highlands and valleys, and even sunrise over the faraway East Sea of Korea. In the middle of the plateau surrounded by high mountains of some 2 000 metres is Lake Pujon stretching from north to south. […]

Efforts for Development of Pomiculture.

The Pomiculture Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science is producing findings conducive to developing the pomiculture of the country. In the past, it has registered over 300 varieties of fruits as the national species and developed the methods for cultivation of dwarf apple trees and close planting of pear trees and established a fertilizing […]

County Prospering by Dint of Self-reliance.

The Kumya River rises in Kidae Peak dividing Yangdok County in South Phyongan Province and Sudong Ward in South Hamgyong Province and flows through Yodok and Kumya counties to empty into the Songjon Bay of the East Sea of Korea. Officials and people in Kumya County have made strenuous efforts to turn it into a […]

Green Fields Cultivated with Patriotic Mind

Different kinds of green crops are growing fast in the vast cooperative fields of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. Efforts are concentrated on cultivation for the rich crops in the Jangsuwon Cooperative Farm, too, in Samsok District, Pyongyang. Chairman of the Managerial Board Ko Song Bong says: “For bumper harvest of food-grains free from […]

Kim Il Sung’s Guidance to Farmers

A place called Phochon-ri is in Kangwon Province of Korea. There is a monument to the field guidance of the great leader President Kim Il Sung. The monument tells an unforgettable story about the change of Phochon-ri. This happened on May 11, Juche 54 or 1965. Farming was not successful in Phochon-ri at that time. […]

Rice Transplantation Begins in the DPRK

Now rice transplantation is going on in the countryside of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. Rice-transplantation is an important process concerning the success of a year´s farming. Farms make rice-seedling cold-beds and sow seeds on them in March and seedlings grown there are transplanted to the fields. In May with rising temperature, rice- transplantation […]

DPRK Premier Surveys Spring Farming in Sukchon County

DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju made a field survey of spring farming in Sukchon County, South Phyongan Province. He held a consultative meeting after inspecting the Yoltusamchon Farm. At the meeting he called upon all officials and agricultural workers to live up to the deep trust and loving care of the party by increasing the […]