Kim Il Sung’s Guidance to Farmers

A place called Phochon-ri is in Kangwon Province of Korea.

There is a monument to the field guidance of the great leader President Kim Il Sung. The monument tells an unforgettable story about the change of Phochon-ri.

This happened on May 11, Juche 54 or 1965. Farming was not successful in Phochon-ri at that time. President Kim Il Sung visited Phochon-ri and sat together with farmers to discuss on farming of the region.

Pak Chol Ok, lecturer of the Kangwon Provincial Revolution Museum, says:

“That day President Kim Il Sung said: Our farmers are still far from being rich. The farmers in this area were very poor. Why can´t you do farming properly now. Let´s frankly talk about the reason today”

Attracted by his unassuming and benign personality, the farmers told him their everyday thoughts without hesitation. A farmer found the reason in acidified soil, another farmer in the lack of manpower and another farmer in improper organization of labor force.

Talking with them President Kim Il Sung understood that the managerial ability of the officials of farm and ideological consciousness of the farmers do not accord with the developing reality. He presented a unique way of the sub-workteam management system he had conceived for a long time. That day he said, proper size of collective life in the countryside is of great significance in developing joint economy and giving play to collectivism of farmers, and continued:

“The soil is fertile. The problem is how to tend the fields. It is important to enforce sub-workteam management system.”

And he gave specific instructions on how to manage the sub-workteams, on what principle to distribute and on what principles to enforce the sub-workteam management system. The consultative meeting continued as long as four hours. Listening to him, the farmers were assured that they could do farming well.

The great leader Kim Jong Il who accompanied President Kim Il Sung, told the excited officials and farmers of the farm that the sub-workteam management system enforced by the President is the most superior farming system of epochal significance in the development of agriculture.

And he encouraged them to do farming well as instructed by President Kim Il Sung.

Afterwards, the farmers did sub-workteam farming well, helping and leading each other forward, and thus changed Phochon-ri into an enviable place. The monument in Phochon-ri tells about the change made in the farm under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung.