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Friends and comrades, The Korean Friendship Association of the USA is accepting applications for Zone Delegates from upstanding citizens of the USA to represent every state of the Union. Each Delegate will be embodied with the responsibility of representing the people of the United States in wishing friendship and good-will to the Korean nation and the people of the Democratic People’s Republic, and their Supreme Leader, our comrade Kim Jong Un!

The responsibilities will include cultural and diplomatic duties related to representing truthful information about the culture, life and society of people living in Juche Korea. We must be teachers of a new type to bring awareness to our communities who are bombarded with news reports full of disinformation and lies spread about the Korean people and their single-minded ambition for peaceful reunification without foreign intervention. The purpose of our organization is to consistently update the public about the DPR of Korea and make it easy for people from all walks of life to be aware of our membership drive.

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Our hope is that they, too, will become members and promote friendship and happiness between our people. We are on a mission of peace in a cultural climate that knows little about the real conditions of life in the DPRK and a media and government climate that prefers fabricated history to admitting reality. Establishing offices and hosting representatives of the DPRK would represent a major step forward for learning.

Access should be provided to the public with information, literature and visits by DPRK representatives to create a genuine opportunity for understanding between the American people and the culture and people of Korea.

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KFAUSA Friendship Badges

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