Useful DPRK 🇰🇵 Resources

The following is a list of state and non-state resources which you can use to better understand the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, its outlook, its current events, its history, and its rich culture. All of these links are to the English-language versions of the following sites:

Useful Websites:

Voice of Korea
The international broadcasting service of the DPRK, in many languages covering news as well as offering educational materials and music.

Korean Books
A significant resource for anyone wanting to read literature on the DPRK, hundreds of works by the leaders as well as many biographies, historical accounts, and books detailing the outlook of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the socialist system of the DPRK.

An extremely broad website considered to be an official hub of the DPRK’s online presence, with many different sections dedicated to politics, reunification, history, culture, trade, tourism, and many other subjects.

DPRK Today
A Chinese-operated website covering DPRK news and fighting slanderous narratives lodged against the DPRK.

A website specializing in news and current events related to the DPRK and Korean peninsula generally.

Rodong Sinmun
Rodong Sinmun is the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, where current events are thoroughly covered as well as commentaries and editorials expanding upon the DPRK’s political positions in domestic and international affairs.

DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs
DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website, where news as well as statements by spokespersons are made publicly available.

Media Ryugyong
A website specializing in audiovisual materials to give glimpses into both every day life in the DPRK as well as significant achievements being made in socialist construction.

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