Pyongyang Metro Undergoes Changes

Pyongyang metro station

Every station of the Pyongyang Metro has won the affection of Pyongyang citizens for their convenience in the traffic and also flawless formative and artistic features.

Thanks to the great golden age of construction unfolded in socialist Korea in the new century of the Juche era, the Pyongyang Metro has been undergoing tremendous changes.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave detailed guidance on reconstruction project of its stations, seeing himself every one of many formation plans.

The reconstruction project began since 2017 when Ryomyong Street was under construction, and many stations, including Kaeson, Thongil and Sungni stations, have been facelifted both above and under ground.

The refashioned stations are decorated with modern and elegant architectural styles and illuminations, looking more splendid in terms of formative and artistic aspects.

Photographs of various themes adorn the walls of underground halls and corridors and the sections of escalators, and new facilities are added for the passengers’ convenience.

The Pyongyang Metro brings great pleasure to the people, who are excited to see its wonderful changes and say they feel keenly even under ground the vibrant spirit of the country advancing toward its brighter and more beautiful future.

– Kim Son Gyong

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