Elementor #22355

Workshop for UAWK Officials Held

A workshop for chairpersons of the provincial, city and county committees of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea was held from March 26 to 28.

It dealt with the practical issues for the provincial, city and county committees of the UAWK to fulfill their duty and role as units responsible for ideological education in motivating the UAWK members to the struggle for opening up a new era of rural development, true to the Regional Development 20×10 Policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The lecturers included Min Sung Chol, deputy department director of the WPK Central Committee, and Han Jong Hyok, chairman of the UAWK Central Committee, officials of the UAWK Central Committee and others from relevant sectors.

Stressing the position and role of chairpersons of the provincial, city and county committees of the UAWK in carrying out the gigantic revolution for socialist rural development, they called for them to prepare themselves to be political activists with high practical qualifications.

They mentioned the ways for dynamically organizing and conducting the socialist patriotic movement, a revolutionary mass movement aimed at attaining the goal of grain production for this year, so as to redouble the masses’ enthusiasm for the revolution and struggle and for making all farm fields overflow with vibrant spirit.

They called on all the chairpersons to bear in mind once again the heavy duty they assume in implementing the rural revolution programme in the new era and display the correct and responsible leadership ability in more dynamically organizing and conducting the work of the union.

The workshop heard successes and experience gained by chairpersons at all levels in doing their jobs in keeping with the ideas and intention of the Party.

During the workshop, its participants visited the Korean Revolution Museum and the Jangchon Vegetable Farm in Sadong District, conducted frontline-style motivation activities at Jonwi Street under construction and had various political and cultural events including enjoying art performances.