Statement on Escalation of Tensions in the Korean Peninsula

As the U.S. Empire becomes increasingly desperate, it becomes more aggressive in its foreign policy to the nations of the global south. One such nation is Korea, a country which the U.S. Empire deemed its ‘spearhead into the Asian continent.’ By dividing Korea into 2 different blocs, one capitalist and the other socialist, the U.S. continues to enact its psychological and economic oppression on the people of the Korean Peninsula, many of whom have not had any contact with family across the 38th parallel since the end of the Japanese Occupation.

The United States has historically been remarkably aggressive towards the Socialist Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), enacting brutal economic embargoes and, with the cooperation of the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) Press apparatus, has endlessly slandered the DPRK and their extensive efforts to combat Japanese Imperialism, all while the ROK allows the fascist ‘rising sun’ flag to fly in its seaports.

But what is the motive?

The land of the DPRK is significantly more resource-rich than that of the joint U.S.-Japanese occupied land of the ROK, and American as well as Japanese industrial firms resent the DPRK’s Government for not allowing any of its resources to get into the hands of the American Military Industrial Complex, or the increasingly more bloated and aggressive Japanese Military.

These tensions slightly subsided in 2019, when then-U.S. President Donald Trump brokered cooperation and peace talks between the DPRK under Respected Comrade Kim Jong-Un, and the ROK under then-President Moon Jae-In. Trump was greatly criticized by the U.S. Empire’s pundits and demagogues for daring to de-escalate a complex geopolitical situation that the U.S. itself created.

Since then, both Trump and Moon have been ousted from office, and Yun Suk-Yoel, the new right-wing anti-communist president of the ROK has completely squandered any further attempts to make peace between 2 governments of the same people. It is explicitly clear that Trump’s attempt at brokering peace was the exception, not the rule of U.S. Foreign Policy.

In response to a dogmatic and antagonistic ROK, an increasingly aggressive USA, and a rapidly remilitarizing Japan, the DPRK’s Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) convened in January of 2024 to address the issues at hand in a way that will best avoid an irreversible humanitarian disaster. At the SPA meeting, Respected Comrade Kim Jong-Un announced the absolute and total abandonment of the DPRK’s ‘Peaceful Reunification Policy,’ rationalizing that the government of the South is rabid and completely incapable of representing the interests of the Korean people.

We at the KFAUSA condemn ANY and ALL attempts to threaten and destabilize the Socialist system enacted by, for, and from the working class of the Korean people in the DPRK. We are aware of the insurmountable damage done by the imperialist aggressors and therefore acknowledge and welcome the extinction of the initiative of peaceful reunification with the ROK.

We recognize that for as long as the ROK remains a breeding ground for fascist ideology, a plaything of Japanese and American imperial ambitions, and refuses to declare before the world national sovereignty, the people of the Korean Peninsula will not be liberated from the clutches of wage-slavery and oppression.

The DPRK will never become another “Hell Korea,” not for as long as the strength of Juche is upheld, and NEVER on the watch of the worldwide anti-imperialist movement.

Down with imperialism!

Down with fascism!

Long live the Korean Struggle for National Liberation and the Anti-Japanese and Anti-American resistance!

The Executive Committee of the Korean Friendship Association of the United States of America, for People’s Korea Magazine