Elementor #22381

US Air Espionage against DPRK Slammed

RC-135U, a US air force spying aircraft, conducted air espionage again against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea near its southern border after taking off from Japan on May 29.

Other spying aircraft of the US and the puppet ROK air force, including U-2S and RQ-4B, engage in round-the-clock monitoring and spying on the DPRK, seriously violating its sovereignty and security.

The DPRK cannot but take a serious note of such dangerous hostile act because it has crossed the red line.

RC-135U, of which the US claims it has only two, is known to be a national strategic reconnaissance aircraft that plays a role of reporting real-time espionage information to the top leadership, such as US president and secretary of Defense.

This clearly proves that such air espionage has been organized and perpetrated under the directions of top executives of the US administration.

The gravity of the situation is further highlighted by various anti-DPRK military drills that are being frequently staged on the Korean peninsula on unheard-of scales along with air espionage and other spying activities.

The US and its lackeys staged 140-odd war drills against the DPRK from January to April this year, twice as many as last year.

War games the US and the puppet ROK plan to stage in the second half of this year are huger in their scales and extremely provocative and reckless in their nature.

Notably, the large-scale joint military drill dubbed “Ulji Freedom Shield” to be launched in August will reportedly involve a nuclear operation drill making a nuclear attack on the DPRK a fait accompli, and the “OPLAN 2022” aimed at making preemptive strikes on the core facilities and regions of the DPRK will be totally examined for completion.

Against this backdrop, US air espionage, historically notorious for its “igniter” role in deteriorating the situation of the Korean peninsula, is being committed more frantically than ever.

Crystal clear is the meaning of such intensified preparatory spying on the core facilities and sites in the DPRK.

The situation clearly indicates that to bolster up the muscle for self-defence to thoroughly aim at, deter and frustrate the reckless manoeuvers of the US and its vassal forces is an imperative for the DPRK to safeguard its national sovereignty, security and interests and that it is a top priority for it to uphold with accelerated efforts.

The Ministry of National Defence of the DPRK has already clarified the stand that it would take action immediately in case the national sovereignty, security and interests are violated.

The US and other hostile forces are bound to meet unforeseen disaster for their bluffing and reckless espionage.