History of Great Love and Change Conveyed by Socialist Land

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The agrarian reform law was promulgated by President Kim Il Sung on March 5, Juche 35(1946).

It was a great event specially recorded in the 5 000-year-long history of our nation. Thanks to the law, our farmers, who had to endure the slavish life for thousands of years, came to bring an end to their dark age, thus having a genuine delight of life and finding their lives worth living.

Facing the dream-like reality, our farmers broke into cheers “Long live General Kim Il Sung!” and “Long live the agrarian reform!” and shed tears of emotion on the land given by the President. All their family members gathered to engage in animated conversation on the topic of the President and stroked the land all night long.

The agrarian reform was, indeed, a grand event to make farmers permanent masters of land and to liquidate feudal land ownership which had been the root of exploitation and oppression. As he regarded the realization of long-cherished desire of the peasants which accounted for the majority of the population as the issue of greatest importance, the President hardened his will to enforce the agrarian reform and carried it out brilliantly.

For the peasants, the land given by the President was more precious than their lives. Therefore, they took care of the land unyieldingly and the Korean People’s Army soldiers achieved the great victory by dedicating their youth and life without hesitation during the fierce Fatherland Liberation War.
After the war our people reaped bumper harvest on the land of the country and sang the joy and delight of being masters of land.

Chairman Kim Jong Il added shine to the exploits of President Kim Il Sung who provided our people with eternal foundation for happiness.

Our people are always replete with boundless gratitude to the Chairman when they are only informed of the word “land alignment”.

There is a monument in Taebaek-ri, Changdo County in which the grand ceremony of land alignment was held.

It reads: “Chairman Kim Jong Il visited here on his way to the front at early dawn of May 4, 1998 and gave important instructions that the army and people should pool their efforts into aligning the land of Kangwon Province and, with it as a model, boldly conduct the land alignment as a great transformation of nature of lasting significance for the prosperity of the country, thus opening the new history of land alignment”.
Agrarian reform and land alignment!

These are, indeed, the great events and epochal changes which could only be carried out in our country which held in high esteem the President and the Chairman who possessed of love for country and people as their inborn disposition.

Now, our motherland is being transformed into a base of all blessings in which the dreams and ideals of people are realized with the new era of rural rejuvenation ushered in by the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

Our people picture the bright future of rural rejuvenation through the immortal programme for our style of socialist rural construction indicated by the respected General Secretary and conduct the vigorous struggle to translate the Party’s plan into reality.

The respected General Secretary illustrated the strategies for ushering in a great new era of rapid development of the socialist countryside at the important meetings including the 6th and 7th plenary meetings of the Eighth Party Central Committee.

Thanks to the wise leadership and devotion of the respected General Secretary who brings about the bright future of the socialist rural rejuvenation with far-sighted plan and strong practical ability, the firm guarantee for strengthening the material and technical foundation of our rural areas and improving the agricultural productivity is being provided.

Under the leadership of the respected General Secretary the modern dwelling houses boasting of civilization peculiar to rural areas are being built in the socialist countryside and a numerous farm machines have been produced and the new history of irrigation system has been made.

Indeed, the history of land in our country proves the great truth that the wise leadership of the peerlessly great persons are the eternal lifeline guaranteeing the happiness of our people.

Endlessly bright is the future of the socialist rural areas advancing forward toward the new era of rural rejuvenation following the outstanding and veteran leadership of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

Rodong Sinmun