People-first Politics of Workers’ Party of Korea Is Great Strength Unfolding New Era of Overall Development of State

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Today, the great era of comprehensive rejuvenation of the state, a new heyday of socialist civilization is being ushered in on this land.

The eye-opening reality of the DPRK in which the most sacred history is written even in the grimmest annals unprecedented in the history of the nation-building clearly proves the validity of our Party’s people-first politics.

Our Party’s people-first politics is the most powerful mode of politics which any other party of politician in the world can never imitate, and it is the treasured sword which makes our people lead the glorious and dignified life and further consolidates the mightiness of our state.

The people-first politics of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) guarantees the prosperity and development of our state by training the people into the masters of building a powerful country.

Our Party’s people-first politics regards it as the main requirement to prepare the working masses, the masters of the country and decisive force of implementing the politics, to be powerful beings and force.

When only personal pleasure is sought in many countries of the world, our people are aware of their duty as the masters of the country and share every difficulty experienced by the state with it – this is the proud reality brought about by the WPK’s people-first politics.

The WPK’s people-first politics arouses the people to overall development of the state.

Our Party’s people-first politics is the mode of politics which regards the people as the most powerful being in the world and solves all problems by mobilizing their forces.

Our Party has been able to lead our cause to the great victory and prosperity by displaying the absolute might of its politics as it is the politics which attaches the greatest importance to the people and relies on their boundless might.

The WPK’s people-first politics brings about the startling realities for the people’s well being successively.

The genuine meaning of the people-first politics is that it closely combines the people’s urgent vital requirements with their future demands and guarantees the everlasting prosperity and happiness of all generations to come. It is our Party’s noble intention that if we create something, we should make it, foreseeing distant future, into wealth of socialism which represents the present era and will be handed over to posterity.

The people-first politics is our Party’s immutable mode of politics.

As the working people exist for ever, the vitality of the people-first politics lasts forever, and as the people’s might is boundless, the might of the people-first politics is invincible.