Kim Jong Il Says: “Be True Servants of the People!”

Be true servants of the people!

The great Kim Jong Il declared it as the supreme principle of the activities of the Workers´ Party of Korea to struggle for the popular masses and ensure their interests, and always told officials to observe the principle.

The following happened one day in January, Juche 86 or 1997. He met officials and said, the revolution advances and the country prospers if they share pains with the people and serve them. Otherwise, they would be rejected by the people and cannot avoid self-destruction. He continued that only when the officials work for the people and serve them, can they enjoy their absolute support and win victory in the revolution, and they should keep it in mind and become true servants of the people.

It was the absolute outlook on the people of Kim Jong Il who regarded the people as his god and devoted his all to them. Be true servants of the people! His instruction is kept deep in the mind of the officials and inspires them to truly serve the people.

In support of his noble intention many officials in different parts of the country are devoting their sincerity to the people. They think first of the interests of the people when they plan something and give priority to the demand of the people in organizing and promoting any work. Everywhere we go, we can find trustworthy officials making a breakthrough at the head of the people, ordering:

Forward behind me!

These are reliable officials mixed with the people without even an inch of gap, leading them along the road of patriotism.