Interview at Concert of the State Merited Chorus

Night is advancing at quiet, but the impression performance of the State Merited Chorus in Jagang Province continues to excite local people.

Earnestly yearning for Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and Marshal Kim Jong Un, they are chatting about their impressions in deep emotion.

We met Nam Chang Ae, secretary of the primary Party Committee of the September Textile Mill, Jang Ryong Jin, head of Jagang Provincial Art Troupe and Han Tal Hwa, former managerial chairperson of Mudok Co-op Farm in Janggang County.

Reporter: We have been deeply impressed at Jagang Province people’s ardor for seeing the performance of the State Merited Chorus.

Jang Ryong Jin: Jagang Province people have regarded the State Merited Chorus as a trumpeter of the Songun revolution and their reliable comrade and sung its songs as songs of advance since the periods of Arduous March and forced March.

That’s why even those who failed to see the performance today are reluctant to return, wishing to see the artists and express their thanks.

Reporter: During the performance the audience loudly applauded orchestra and serial songs “Song in Praise of the Sun”, I think.

Jang Ryong Jin: Right. That item aroused an earnest yearning for Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in the hearts of our Jagang Province people and unfolded an unforgettable world of beautiful memories.

Reporter: The performance truthfully reflected the struggle of Jagang Province people who braved severe trials while keeping the feelings of kinship with leader Kim Jong Il as their life and soul and also a world of worthwhile life they enjoyed under his care, I think.

Han Tal Hwa: Quite right. Hearing male solo “Blessed My Life”, I could not repress my excitement, feeling as if the song described my own life.

Though busy leading the building of a thriving nation, leader Kim Jong Il visited our farm and highly praised my success in carrying through the Party’s line on creating many grass fields and further developing stockbreeding.

He valued my wholehearted loyalty to the Party like pearl and jewel. Under his care I have grown into a hero.

Reporter: The province people’s ardent yearning for President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il has become so noble and endless ideological sentiment because we hold Marshal Kim Jong Un in high esteem with intense loyalty , I believe.

Nam Chang Ae: Through the performance of the State Merited Chorus we workers in Jagang Province warmly felt the great affection and trust of Marshal Kim Jong Un who steadily carries forward the history of affection bestowed by Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Seeing the performance our factory workers firmly pledged to brilliantly implement the militant tasks assigned by Marshal Kim Jong Un.