By Integrating Research with Production.

The Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science, based in Ryongsong District, Pyongyang, is devoted to studies for breeding highly-nutritive vegetable varieties and increasing productivity in PVC-sheet and hydroponic greenhouses.

The research institute has directed much effort to studying vegetable seeds of high nutritive value and productivity and achieved successes in breeding various species of tomatoes, peppers, and other functional vegetables.

A new variety of tomato bears clusters of apricot-size fruits with a higher content of antioxidant substances by 1.4 times than ordinary tomatoes. And the greenhouse hot pepper No.1 that is 7-8 times as pungent as ordinary varieties used in kimchi-making, promotes digestion and blood circulation and is highly efficacious in preventing and curing cancer and diabetes and strengthening the functions of heart and lung.

The institute made a big stride in placing vegetable production on a scientific and intensive footing. It introduced advanced research results and cultivation technologies and methods, such as the method of nutritive liquid supply and environmental management, early diagnosis technology of nutrition by means of computer images, and nutritive liquid irrigation technology according to sunshine intensity.

It also organizes annually sci-tech seminars for greenhouse management units across the country to disseminate and generalize advanced technology and experience of greenhouse vegetable cultivation.