IT Proves Effective in Agriculture.

The Naejung Cooperative Farm in Yomju County of North Phyongan Province put production and management on a scientific and IT footing by introducing a comprehensive agricultural production and control system.

With the help of a digital map developed by the Academy of Agricultural Science, the system has database on all fields of the farm according to plot and land categories.

It also introduces advanced farming knowledge and management methods corresponding to the present developing trend of agriculture, as well as the successes and experience gained in the past.

Based on the system, the farm scientifically distributes crops and strains according to every plot, and correctly predicts the conditions of crops’ growth, insect plague and estimated crop yields and takes relevant measures by means of observation data sent on a real-time basis from scientific research institutes such as the Sci-Tech Complex and the Academy of Agricultural Science.

Paek On, chairman of the management board of the farm, said: There were gaps in our farming operations in the past, but now all the processes are geared like cogwheels. I think this year will witness much more increase in grain production thanks to the scientific farming.