Devotion for Agricultural Development

Nearly half of the whole journey for on-site guidance made by President Kim Il Sung in his lifetime was the guidance given to the rural communities.

Regarding it as his lifelong desire to make his people well off, he gave energetic guidance to the farm work across the country.

In May Juche 67 (1978) he visited the Tongbong Co-op Farm in Hamju County of South Hamgyong Province. After acquainting himself in detail with the state of rice seedbeds, he gave important instructions to make the farm as a model of agricultural production in the east coastal area, including the problems of growing healthy rice seedlings in cold beds in the right season and setting up a scientific manuring system.

In June that year, he gave field guidance at the Wangjaesan Co-op Farm in the northern tip of the country. He learned about the situation of rice farming, including the number of bunches of seedlings per phyong and the number of stems per seedling and gave advice to the mistakes revealed in the ingrained irrigating method and its aftereffects.

That day, he explained in detail about a new irrigating method that he has personally tested and confirmed its vitality.

In late August 1993, in the wake of his on-site guidance in the northern area of the country, he travelled through the night to South Hwanghae Province by train and visited five farms one after another, giving important instructions for developing the agricultural production onto a higher level.

Still today, the Korean people remember his image on a visit to the Kumdang Co-op Farm in Onchon County, South Phyongan Province in spite of his advanced age of 80 in June 1994, the last year of his life.

As seen above, Kim Il Sung made ceaseless trips to the countryside across the country, and sat knee to knee with farmers and consulted with them about farming and living.

He provided a lasting foundation for bringing about a rich harvest on this land every year, walking along the paths to fields throughout his life.

One year when recollecting the days of his creating the Juche farming method, he said as follows:

While giving direct guidance to the agriculture, I went among the farmers to meet with old and young people and had talks with them sometimes for half a day and sometimes for a whole day in order to find a method for boosting the farming. In the course of this, I gained many precious experience of farming. I did not confine myself to listening to their experience but made trials with it several times and verified it scientifically, theoretically and practically.

Today, all the agricultural workers are turning out as one in the drive to increase grain production, cherishing deep in their minds his devoted efforts for the development of the country’s agriculture.