Green Fields Cultivated with Patriotic Mind

Different kinds of green crops are growing fast in the vast cooperative fields of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. Efforts are concentrated on cultivation for the rich crops in the Jangsuwon Cooperative Farm, too, in Samsok District, Pyongyang.

Chairman of the Managerial Board Ko Song Bong says:

“For bumper harvest of food-grains free from damages by weed, weeding should be done qualitatively in time. So no sooner had rice-transplantation been finished than our farm concentrated all efforts on cultivation of crops. Adjusting fertilizer was applied to paddy in the right time and mud snails were put in the paddy fields. So far the maize fields have been weeded for the fourth time and the paddy fields are being weeded for the third time.”

In the farm all paddy cultivation processes are done in a scientific and technological way including weeding, water control and application of fertilizers. The farmers apply correct amount of fertilizers in a scientific and technological way according to the soil conditions of the plots and biological characteristics of the crops. They pay deep attention to preliminary observation and forecast to prevent damages by harmful insects and spray chemicals in time. Experienced farmers are posted as paddy water controllers, who actively introduce a rational water inducing method according to the change of temperature between day and night and thus create favorable conditions for the paddy growth. They also rationally remake weeders according to the specific conditions and ensure both the speed and quality of weeding. The farmers also use mud snails in weeding and thus increase the fertility of the soil while ensuring the speed and quality of the weeding.

The farm also cultivates the non-paddy crops, too. With a resolve to cultivate all paddy and non-paddy fields like flower garden, the farmers work hard, wetting the fields with their sincere sweat.