DPRK Premier Surveys Spring Farming in Sukchon County

DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju made a field survey of spring farming in Sukchon County, South Phyongan Province.

He held a consultative meeting after inspecting the Yoltusamchon Farm.

At the meeting he called upon all officials and agricultural workers to live up to the deep trust and loving care of the party by increasing the grain production.

The meeting discussed the issue of putting farm work on a scientific and technological basis as required by climatic conditions in spring. It urged the relevant units to preferentially supply equipment and materials necessary for farming.

Earlier, the premier inspected the Unpha Mine.

After looking round the dressing plant and other places, he underlined the need to improve the management of equipment and their technical control and ensure their normal operation.

He also underscored the need to take steps to remarkably increase the production of ores and supply electricity necessary for the production.