Rice Transplantation Begins in the DPRK

Now rice transplantation is going on in the countryside of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. Rice-transplantation is an important process concerning the success of a year´s farming.

Farms make rice-seedling cold-beds and sow seeds on them in March and seedlings grown there are transplanted to the fields. In May with rising temperature, rice- transplantation starts in the major breadbaskets and all other parts of the country. Efforts are concentrated on rice-transplantation at the Mangyongdae Vegetable Farm in Mangyongdae District, the capital city Pyongyang.

Chief Engineer Kim Thae Hyon says:

“Now our farm is promoting the rice-transplantation as scheduled while giving definite priority to the preceding processes such as harrowing and levelling of paddy fields. At present rice-transplantation is done in 11 hectares a day on an average. We plan to finish rice-transplantation by the end of May.”

Despite long drought, the farm has grown healthy rice seedlings and is transplanting them according to specific plan for every day and for each plot. The farm demands all crop-raising workteams strictly observe the scientific and technological demands at all farming processes including rice- seedling growing, harrowing and rice- transplantation. Great efforts continue to be concentrated on management of rice nurseries to supply healthy rice-seedlings in time and the speed and quality of rice-transplantation are ensured alike. Operators of rice-seedling transplanters and rice-seedling feeders transplant seedlings in vast areas every day, thoroughly ensuring correct number of rice plants per unit area and number of plants per root.

Operator Jang Myong Ho says:

“The success of farming this year depends on us, the masters of farming. We will transplant rice-seedlings in planned area every day and help finish transplantation in time.”

The cooperative fields are getting greener day by day thanks to the high enthusiasm of the agricultural workers who have turned out as one in rice-transplantation with the sense of responsibility as the masters of the farm.