Best Season.

Apple harvest is on the final stage at the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm, one of leading fruit producers in the DPRK.

The farm cultivates millions of apple trees of various species, including Sukchon and Chollyong.

Every apple reaped this year weighs 100 to 250g, and the heaviest 500g.

From the outset of the year, the farm conducted the cultivation of apple trees, including pruning, initial manuring and thinning of apples, in a scientific and technological way.

After classifying fields according to the species of trees, ages and soil grade, it applied fermented compost, Hukbosan fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer and marine solonchak stage by stage. Besides, it produced various bio-chemicals by itself and applied them to protect fruit trees from harmful insects.

Ri Il Sim, farmer of work team No. 11 at the Todok branch farm, said: Now is the best season for us as we gather apples from the trees we have cultivated with painstaking efforts from spring to summer. We are always pleasant however hard we work.