Cement Production Increases.

The Sangwon Cement Complex is now retaining its reputation as a competent building-materials producer in the country with its boost in cement production.It is making efforts to satisfy the growing demand for cement across the country by bolstering up its production capacity and solving by its own efforts and technology the problems in revitalizing the production.All its officials and technicians are concentrating efforts on dovetailing all the processes like a cogwheel and taking necessary measures in a far-sighted way.The processes from raw materials feeding to forwarding are monitored and controlled in the central control room, so that the consumption of raw materials and electricity can be reduced and the production has increased in terms of quantity and quality.Workers and technicians at the calcination workshop produce clinkers of good quality by increasing calcinating capacity and properly managing equipment.Other workshops in the initial stage of production are operating machines and facilities at full capacity and ensuring technical requirements in production including exact proportion in mixture of raw materials.The Sangwon Limestone Mine directs big efforts to mining and transportation while abiding strictly by the technical indices on the grades of materials. The Samchong Mine and Hwachon Coal Mine introduce advanced technical methods and raise the operation rate of equipment, thus achieving good results.Thanks to the concerted efforts of the employees of the complex to bring about ceaseless innovations, with the spirit of self-reliance as the dynamic force for leaps, the cement production in the complex steadily increases.