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Pyongyang Essential Oil Factory Inaugurated.

The Pyongyang Essential Oil Factory was inaugurated on October 8. The factory established an integrated manufacturing system in all production lines, ranging from extracting and mixing of essential oils to filling and packaging and achieved the integration of research and production. It will turn out a variety of natural essential oils for cooking and industrial […]

Tanchon Smeltery.

The Tanchon Smeltery is achieving remarkable successes in its efforts to develop the nonferrous metal industry and increase production. In recent years it made strenuous efforts to modernize existing production lines and set up new ones to recycle valuable metals from waste and produce additives and laid firm foundations for increased production. In this course […]

By Introducing Rational Methods.

The Taean Heavy Machine Complex is pushing ahead with production of generating equipment. This year it finished the production of custom-built machines including the generating equipment for the Hungju Youth Power Station No. 4. Now, it is effecting innovations by proactively introducing rational methods. It reduced the refining time of molten iron by introducing a […]

Blaze a Trail.

Prof. and Dr. Kim Chol Su is a lecturer at the Physics Faculty of Kim Il Sung University with a high-profile authority in the optical sector. In the past, he achieved many scientific successes, including the modernization of equipment of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences and manufacture of holographic telescope for display in the children’s […]

Various Sponge Goods in Great Demand.

Of late, the sponge goods produced at the Sonbong Koast Joint-Venture Company are stealing the public limelight. Tens of kinds of sponge goods are divided into several categories for home and outside use and medical treatment. The peculiar and quality sponge decoration plaques and wallpapers are gaining public favour as they produce mild, comfortable and […]

Pioneers of Cutting-Edge Science and Technology.

The Korean young people are glorifying the days of their precious youth with feats of creation for the county’s prosperity, and among them are young scientists of the State Academy of Sciences. Regarding the creation of new things as their ideal and goal, they have made a big stride in pioneering and developing several branches […]

Jindallae Mobile Phone Factory.

Jindallae mobile phones are good-looking in shape, diversified in colour, high in quality and comfortable to use. They have such applications as fingerprint, image and speech recognitions. They are produced at the Jindallae Mobile Phone Factory located in Mangyongdae District of Pyongyang. The factory with an annual production capacity of hundreds of thousands of phones […]

Binding Material Production with Bio-Matters

The nano engineering branch of the State Academy of Sciences has developed a new technology of producing a bio-binding material by making use of such by-products of agriculture and forestry as rice chaffs, sawdusts and wood shavings which are abundant in the country. This binding material is a kind of liquid tar produced during the […]

Astronomical Observation Instrument—Honchonui

From ancient times, the Koreans made astronomical observations with the help of their inventions to know about seasons and seasonal divisions accurately. On this basis, they began to do farming and have a scientific comprehension of outer space and nature. The constellations carved on dolmens in the period of Ancient Joson (early 30th century BC-108 […]

DPRK Successful Launch Kwangmyongsong-4 Satellite

KCTV (DPRK Successful Launch Kwangmyongsong-4 Satellite)

KFAUSA, would like to congratulate the hard working people and Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on advancing science and technology! The DPRK National Aerospace Development Administration on Sunday issued a report on the successful launch of earth observation satellite Kwangmyongsong-4. The report said: Scientists and technicians of the DPRK National Aerospace Development […]

Science and Technology Are Mainstay for Development in the DPRK

Technology in North Korea

A national meeting of scientists and technicians was held in a stirring period when the whole country was seething with hot wind of giving precedence to science and technology. It marked an important milestone in developing science and technology of the country and constructing a thriving nation. The meeting ardently called upon the entire scientists […]

Delegation of Google Inc. of U.S. Tours Pyongyang

Delegation of Google Inc. of U.S. Tours Pyongyang
[nggallery id=111]A delegation of the Google Inc. of the U.S. headed by Bill Richardson, former governor of New Mexico State, Wednesday visited the Grand People’s Study House here. The guests went round several reading rooms and lecture rooms, being briefed on the fact that people and students acquire knowledge about modern science and technology and […]

Protocols Inked between DPRK, Cuba

Protocols Inked between DPRK, Cuba
[nggallery id=72]A 2013 protocol for cooperation and development of the economy, science and technology between the governments of the DPRK and Cuba and a 2013 protocol for exchange of goods were signed in Pyongyang on Wednesday. Present there were DPRK Minister of Foreign Trade Ri Ryong Nam and officials concerned and from the opposite side […]