Science and Technology Are Mainstay for Development in the DPRK

Technology in North Korea

A national meeting of scientists and technicians was held in a stirring period when the whole country was seething with hot wind of giving precedence to science and technology. It marked an important milestone in developing science and technology of the country and constructing a thriving nation.

The meeting ardently called upon the entire scientists and technicians throughout the country to turn out as one in the sci-technological revolution in the era of the great Kim Jong Un and to demonstrate to the world dignity and honor of Koreans in the current responsible work.

It is the main spirit of the appeal that they should bring earlier the final victory in the construction of a thriving nation by dint of science and technology with science and technology as the most important state affair and the mainstay for the development of the country.

The rapid development of science and technology is the fundamental guarantee to put all fields of the country on high scientific foundation commensurate with a thriving nation.

A powerful scientific and technological country is just a thriving socialist one. Today the Workers’ Party of Korea set forth a grand goal to boost the nation’s science and technology up to the world level in the shortest period on the basis of already-achieved successes and put all the sectors on a scientific basis and thus to build our country as a powerful scientific and technological country, a thriving socialist country.

Developing science and technology quickly is an important requirement to take the initiative and win victory in the confrontation with the imperialists.

The rapid development of science and technology is a powerful driving force to achieve the decisive turn in building an economic power and improving people’s living standard in the sky-high spirit of “Speed on Masik Pass”.

Without science no one can expect a rosy future. Without developing science and technology, we cannot achieve prosperity of nation and country.

Our scientists and technicians have to keep in mind the noble will and intention of our Party which takes science and technology as the greatest state affair and the mainstay for the development of the country and have to actively contribute to building a thriving country with great achievements.