Binding Material Production with Bio-Matters

The nano engineering branch of the State Academy of Sciences has developed a new technology of producing a bio-binding material by making use of such by-products of agriculture and forestry as rice chaffs, sawdusts and wood shavings which are abundant in the country.

This binding material is a kind of liquid tar produced during the pyrolysis of bio-matters.

At present, it is in wide use for electrode production at several metallurgical factories, including the Chollima Steel Complex, the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex and the Hungnam Electrode Factory.

It is also possible to sharply raise the heating value and the burning efficiency in case it is used as an additive to coals and egg coals for industrial boiler, gas generator and home-boiler.

The units which produce electrode by introducing this material are now reducing production costs by half than using heavy oil and pitch.

It also enjoys popularity as it has no sulfur in component.