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Devotion for the Promotion of Women’s Health.

Hyon Kuk Hae, a doctor of Gynecological Department No. 3 of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, frequently gets phonecalls of gratitude from many women. Among them is Han Ok Gyong, farmer of a cooperative farm in Tongnim County, North Phyongan Province. Han was brought to the hospital in emergency in March this year. Hers was a […]

Medical Success in Children’s Hospital.

The DPRK is scoring successes in the treatment of children’s brain tumour by introducing new therapies. Medical workers of the neurosurgery department of the Okryu Children’s Hospital succeeded in performing the selective dorsal rhizotomy of a four-year-old child. This operation, the first of its kind in the country, took two hours. The method has been […]

Medical Theory on Four Kinds of Physical Constitutions.

Among the national intangible cultural heritages is the medical theory on four kinds of physical constitutions, which was authored by Ri Je Ma, a scholar of medicine, in the late 19th century. The theory divides persons into four categories according to their physical constitutions and gives out prescriptions according to them. Ri Je Ma made […]

Telemedicine System Proves Effective.

The Thaechon County People’s Hospital in North Phyongan Province is improving the quality of medical service through telemedicine system. Its medical workers are making efforts to learn advanced techniques and experience in keeping with the trend of developing modern medical science and apply them into treatment through consultations and technical and practical workshops on line […]

Devotion to Improve People’s Appearance.

ne day three years ago, a girl with a bandage over her face stood in front of Kim Song Il, a plastic surgeon at the General Dental Hospital under the Ministry of Public Health. She was a 19-aged worker, named Kim Un Yong. All her face was distorted due to serious burn. It was the […]

Myohyangsan Medical Appliances Factory Updated.

The Myohyangsan Medical Appliances Factory has been successfully remodelled and updated. The factory has been furnished with equipment produced by our workers, scientists and technicians. All its processes have been automated and streamlined with its production and management on a scientific and IT basis at a high level. Its inaugural ceremony took place on October […]

Blaze a Trail.

Prof. and Dr. Kim Chol Su is a lecturer at the Physics Faculty of Kim Il Sung University with a high-profile authority in the optical sector. In the past, he achieved many scientific successes, including the modernization of equipment of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences and manufacture of holographic telescope for display in the children’s […]