Devotion to Improve People’s Appearance.

ne day three years ago, a girl with a bandage over her face stood in front of Kim Song Il, a plastic surgeon at the General Dental Hospital under the Ministry of Public Health.

She was a 19-aged worker, named Kim Un Yong.

All her face was distorted due to serious burn.

It was the first time for Kim to see such a patient during his 10-odd-year-long career.

That night, he recollected his childhood, looking down at the patient on the bed.

When he was 7, he got burnt on his face by accident.

The doctors opened the meetings for tens of times to recover his face and offered their flesh without hesitation.

Looking at medical workers devoting themselves to cure the patient, his mother wished her son to be a doctor in their wake.

So, Kim studied at Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences before starting his career as a plastic surgeon.

He buckled down to the treatment.

While studying the findings in the world plastic surgery, he conducted many image mock operations.

On his arrival at the hospital every morning, he called on the patient to see her conditions and took relevant measures.

For two years, he conducted various operations on her, including soft tissue expansion and free skin grafting.

The day when they took off the patient’s bandage after final operations, he and his colleagues were all flushed with tension.

The patient looked at her face in the mirror, with tears pouring down her cheeks.

The girl expressed her gratitude for him on the day of leaving the hospital.

Kim asked her to work harder for this good society in the future.

In recent years, he made public over scores of essays such as “Clinical study of treatment of hypertrophic masseter muscle by means of botulinum toxin” and developed an advanced plastic surgery, and is now introducing it into clinical practice.