A Renowned Scientist in Mining Sector.

Dr. and Associate Prof. Jong Chol, head of the Central Mining Research Institute under the State Academy of Sciences, is a scientist who has rendered tangible services to developing the country’s mining industry.

He often says to researchers that a scientist can produce world-level findings only when he or she works with an inexhaustible courage to beat others at a dash.

Whenever his institute is faced with challenging tasks, he makes a breakthrough in solving knotty problems by dint of his great practical ability and innovative insight.

In recent years alone, he performed a pivotal role in developing the Ore Dressing Plant No. 3 of the Komdok Mining Complex into an energy-, labour- and land-saving business. The plant has newly established a lead and zinc ore-dressing line by means of pneumatic flotation machines which is corresponding to its actual conditions and the world trends.

He was selected as one of the national top scientists and technicians in 2019.