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Medical Theory on Four Kinds of Physical Constitutions.

Among the national intangible cultural heritages is the medical theory on four kinds of physical constitutions, which was authored by Ri Je Ma, a scholar of medicine, in the late 19th century. The theory divides persons into four categories according to their physical constitutions and gives out prescriptions according to them. Ri Je Ma made […]

Telemedicine System Proves Effective.

The Thaechon County People’s Hospital in North Phyongan Province is improving the quality of medical service through telemedicine system. Its medical workers are making efforts to learn advanced techniques and experience in keeping with the trend of developing modern medical science and apply them into treatment through consultations and technical and practical workshops on line […]

Production of Medicines on Increase.

The Jongsong General Pharmaceutical Factory is increasing production of medicines. The factory, which has realized the integration of development, production and marketing of medicines, turns out over 280 kinds of reserve medicines, Koryo medicines and health foods. The transfusion plant has an annual capacity of producing tens of millions of various transfusions, including glucose injection, […]

Bright Future for Children with Heart Malformations.

A few years ago, a foreign delegation visited the cardiovascular surgical department of the Okryu Children’s Hospital in the capital city of Pyongyang. After looking round its operating theatre and sickrooms, the members of the delegation were amazed to learn that the department is provided with sophisticated medical facilities, quite contrary to their expectation. They […]

Trust Your Own Ability.

Over the past two decades, Dr. and Associate Prof. Pak Yong Hui, section chief of the Drug Form Developing Institute under Pharmacy Faculty of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, developed many medicines conducive to promoting the people’s health. After graduation from Pharmacy Faculty of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, she was appointed to the institute. […]

Hospital in a Fairy World

The Okryu Children’s Hospital opposite the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital gives such a feeling of calmness as a baby nestled in mother’s bosom. The exterior of the hospital looks like a building of lego bricks while its inside is reminiscent of a fairy world. The walls of corridors, staircases, wards and treatment rooms are decorated with […]

A Renowned Plastic Surgeon

In January this year, a man who got hurt in his arm during work was carried to the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital. The patient was in a critical condition—mutilation of blood vessels, nerve and muscle in his right arm. It was a demanding task. However, Kim Kuk Chol, researcher of the laboratory of […]

Kim Man Yu Hospital

The Kim Man Yu Hospital is in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. The hospital is a central hospital which prevents and treats diseases of citizens and diagnoses and treats patients coming from different parts of the country. The hospital is named after Kim Man Yu, a Korean resident in Japan. […]