Blaze a Trail.

Prof. and Dr. Kim Chol Su is a lecturer at the Physics Faculty of Kim Il Sung University with a high-profile authority in the optical sector.

In the past, he achieved many scientific successes, including the modernization of equipment of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences and manufacture of holographic telescope for display in the children’s dream hall of the Sci-Tech Complex, and wrote over 60 essays.

He has paid close attention to not only scientific research but education.

The matter of his primary concern while preparing his lecture is how to apply his sci-tech findings into his teaching contents and make demonstration devices so as to help students have a correct understanding of the contents.

It was his experience gained in over two decades-long career that he could improve the cognitive faculty of students and the effectiveness of his lecture when explaining the principles of demonstration devices in combination with lecture.

His fresh and unique teaching methods, which always left a deep impression on the students, were instrumental in developing their creative thinking faculty.

He has developed over 60 object demonstration devices in tens of varieties, including a digital holography recording and playback optical system and a 3D measuring device. He also pioneered such new subjects as Holography, Application of Holography and Information Optics, and wrote over ten textbooks and reference books.

He says to students: Only when you think of things from a new angle can you bring about new results. You should not go in the wake of others but make strenuous efforts to blaze a trail.