Pioneers of Cutting-Edge Science and Technology.

The Korean young people are glorifying the days of their precious youth with feats of creation for the county’s prosperity, and among them are young scientists of the State Academy of Sciences.

Regarding the creation of new things as their ideal and goal, they have made a big stride in pioneering and developing several branches of cutting-edge science and technology and giving satisfactory solutions to scientific and technological difficulties arising in reality.

They are playing pivotal and leading roles in developing software, microelectronics, physiological activators, nano and other advanced technologies.

Young scientists from the information science and technology institute made a great contribution to modernizing industrial establishments with an emphasis on ensuring the domestic production of raw and other materials and equipment and integrating production lines.

Those of the geological institute solved in a short period of time the sci-tech problems arising in ascertaining distributions of useful resources in several regions and prospecting them.

Young researchers at the hydraulic engineering, nanomaterials and microbiological institutes, with a firm determination to work harder for the country and people in their youth days full of strength and passion, strived day and night to achieve lots of valuable successes.

In the course of this, the number of academic degree and title holders grew remarkably among young scientists.