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Promising Stone Dressing Plant

The Aeguk Stone Dressing Plant located in Yonhua-dong, Haeju, South Hwanghae Province, is famous for quarrying granite which conforms to all the qualitative requirements for the building stone at a higher level. Its annual quarrying capacity is tens of thousands of cubic metres. Visible across the factory is a long stretch of the Suyang Mountains […]

DPRK Successful Launch Kwangmyongsong-4 Satellite

KCTV (DPRK Successful Launch Kwangmyongsong-4 Satellite)

KFAUSA, would like to congratulate the hard working people and Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on advancing science and technology! The DPRK National Aerospace Development Administration on Sunday issued a report on the successful launch of earth observation satellite Kwangmyongsong-4. The report said: Scientists and technicians of the DPRK National Aerospace Development […]