Promising Stone Dressing Plant

The Aeguk Stone Dressing Plant located in Yonhua-dong, Haeju, South Hwanghae Province, is famous for quarrying granite which conforms to all the qualitative requirements for the building stone at a higher level. Its annual quarrying capacity is tens of thousands of cubic metres.

Visible across the factory is a long stretch of the Suyang Mountains marked by huge deposits of granite. The amount of dimension stones quarried during the past ten odd years is no more than a sucker plucked from an arm of a giant octopus.

The plant has several workshops equipped with modern machines to process granite blocks extracted at the plant and serpentinite and syenite taken from South Hwanghae Province into slabs, railings, banisters and border stones in various sizes.

All productions lines ranging from processing to forwarding are supervised and controlled by the integrated system.

Its products are widely used in newly-built magnificent structures and enjoying a growing demand as days go by.