Tanchon Smeltery.

The Tanchon Smeltery is achieving remarkable successes in its efforts to develop the nonferrous metal industry and increase production.

In recent years it made strenuous efforts to modernize existing production lines and set up new ones to recycle valuable metals from waste and produce additives and laid firm foundations for increased production.

In this course it reinforced its technical personnel and implanted deep in its officials and employees a steadfast stand of solving all the problems by giving full play to the spirit of self-development.

As a result, technicians and skilled workers proposed many technical innovation plans to raise the extraction rate in smelting process and manufacture by the smeltery itself necessary machines and accessories.

All the processes including those for zinc, valuable metals and zinc oxide production are now operating at full capacity.

The smeltery is strengthening coordination and cooperation between production units and taking thoroughgoing measures to increase production through the advanced command system.