Jindallae Mobile Phone Factory.

Jindallae mobile phones are good-looking in shape, diversified in colour, high in quality and comfortable to use. They have such applications as fingerprint, image and speech recognitions.

They are produced at the Jindallae Mobile Phone Factory located in Mangyongdae District of Pyongyang.

The factory with an annual production capacity of hundreds of thousands of phones has a full assortment of equipment and processes for manufacturing LCD, assembling motherboard, packing and testing.

Dust-free working environment of the factory conforms to international standards, and all the production lines are controlled by the integrated manufacturing system.

The factory’s technical staff are competent to work out designs for frames and circuits and develop operation systems and core technologies needed in manufacturing functional and intelligent mobile phones.

While channelling its efforts into putting production on a normal footing, it is improving market research, exploiting new markets and acquiring advanced technology.