Efforts to Industrialize Breeding of Cygnus atratus.

The Kwangpho Duck Farm in Jongphyong County, South Hamgyong Province, is making achievements in the scientific research for putting the breeding of Cygnus atratus on an industrial basis.

The meat of Cygnus atratus is recognized as an outstanding health food and ideal anticancer food in the 21st century for its peculiar taste and high nutritive value.

Won Yong, section chief of Poultry Academy under the Ministry of Agriculture, said: The meat of Cygnus atratus contains 20.9% of protein, 11.6% of fat, about 1.2% of salt, and proper amounts of lecithin, nucleic acid, selenium, potassium, iron, zinc, sodium, vitamin A, etc. Its protein content is similar to duck. Its phosphorous content is 196.5mg per 100g, which is 74.5mg more than chicken and 6.5mg more than duck. As the boiling point of its fat is about 10℃ lower than other meat, it is easily digestible. In particular, it has large amounts of immunity globulin, linoleic acid and anticancer substances, which can little or never be found in other meat.”

The suitable place for breeding Cygnus atratus in the DPRK is Kwangpho, a large lagoon which covers an area of 4.75 km2 with its circumference of 19.2 km.

It is abundant in aquatic animals and plants, fish and Crustacea resources.

Surrounded by pine forests, it is influenced by the oceanic climate.

In cooperation with scientists of Poultry Academy, the officials of the farm are making efforts to complete the raising technique and method of Cygnus atratus as required by its biological and breeding features.

In the course of this, they succeeded in making Cygnus atratus lay and hatch eggs and in artificial incubation of breeding eggs.

While studying the biological features of Cygnus atratus, they are directing efforts to putting its breeding on an industrial basis.