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Pioneers of Cutting-Edge Science and Technology.

The Korean young people are glorifying the days of their precious youth with feats of creation for the county’s prosperity, and among them are young scientists of the State Academy of Sciences. Regarding the creation of new things as their ideal and goal, they have made a big stride in pioneering and developing several branches […]

Efforts to Industrialize Breeding of Cygnus atratus.

The Kwangpho Duck Farm in Jongphyong County, South Hamgyong Province, is making achievements in the scientific research for putting the breeding of Cygnus atratus on an industrial basis. The meat of Cygnus atratus is recognized as an outstanding health food and ideal anticancer food in the 21st century for its peculiar taste and high nutritive […]

Jindallae Mobile Phone Factory.

Jindallae mobile phones are good-looking in shape, diversified in colour, high in quality and comfortable to use. They have such applications as fingerprint, image and speech recognitions. They are produced at the Jindallae Mobile Phone Factory located in Mangyongdae District of Pyongyang. The factory with an annual production capacity of hundreds of thousands of phones […]

Quality Hard Glassware Are Produced.

Huichon Hard Glassware Factory in Huichon, Jagang Province, was inaugurated in September 2005. And it has already achieved its fame across the country for producing various kinds of utensils. It is equipped with ample processes and automatic machines and facilities for glassware production, ranging from raw materials feeding to packaging via melting, blowing, pattern decorating […]

Promising Stone Dressing Plant

The Aeguk Stone Dressing Plant located in Yonhua-dong, Haeju, South Hwanghae Province, is famous for quarrying granite which conforms to all the qualitative requirements for the building stone at a higher level. Its annual quarrying capacity is tens of thousands of cubic metres. Visible across the factory is a long stretch of the Suyang Mountains […]

New Bearing-making Technology Developed

A porous cast iron sleeve bearing-making technology of great economic value is widely used in the machine-building industry sector of the DPRK. The sleeve bearing is made of expensive nonferrous metal and its melting, moulding and machining processes are very complicated, with large power consumption. The new technology makes it possible to make the sleeve […]

Pyongyang Golf Course

The Pyongyang Golf Course is located in Thaesong-ri, Kangso District, Nampho City. Renovated in 2019, it covers an area of about 200 hectares and has an accommodation capacity of over 200 persons at a time. In its compound through the golf ball-looking gate, one can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of golf courses. The courses, with […]

Binding Material Production with Bio-Matters

The nano engineering branch of the State Academy of Sciences has developed a new technology of producing a bio-binding material by making use of such by-products of agriculture and forestry as rice chaffs, sawdusts and wood shavings which are abundant in the country. This binding material is a kind of liquid tar produced during the […]

Taesongsan-brand Products in Public Favour

The Pyongyang Sports Goods Factory produces a variety of Taesongsan-brand products much favoured by consumers. It turns out various forms of sports goods, including different kinds of balls, gloves for Taekwon-Do practitioners, bags for sportspersons and sportswear, to suit the features of events and the physical constitution of players. Eye-catching is a 3×3 basketball which […]