Taesongsan-brand Products in Public Favour

The Pyongyang Sports Goods Factory produces a variety of Taesongsan-brand products much favoured by consumers.

It turns out various forms of sports goods, including different kinds of balls, gloves for Taekwon-Do practitioners, bags for sportspersons and sportswear, to suit the features of events and the physical constitution of players.

Eye-catching is a 3×3 basketball which has the same technical specifications with the ball that is used in the FIBA 3×3 Basketball World Cup in its qualitative indexes, including sphericity, bouncing height, weight, tensile strength and pressure deviation.

The basketball and a football doll were highly appreciated at the 23rd National Exhibition of Sports Sci-Tech Achievements.

The Taesongsan-brand footballs, volleyballs and 3×3 basketballs of the factory that meet the national standard are in wide use, stealing the limelight of sports experts and players.