Quality Hard Glassware Are Produced.

Huichon Hard Glassware Factory in Huichon, Jagang Province, was inaugurated in September 2005. And it has already achieved its fame across the country for producing various kinds of utensils.

It is equipped with ample processes and automatic machines and facilities for glassware production, ranging from raw materials feeding to packaging via melting, blowing, pattern decorating and heat treating.

It turns out more than 40 kinds of hard glassware such as vessels, bowls and plates, relying mainly on rich deposits of high-grade silica and feldspar in the area of Nyongbyon County, North Phyongan Province.

The factory officials and technicians pushed forward creating designs of new products that are diversified in shape, size and utility and easy to handle, and introduced advanced methods into planning and manufacturing scores of moulds.

They also developed painting materials for ornamental patterns, applied various adhesive techniques to production, and extended the lifespan of furnaces with home-made refractories.

A rational mixing ratio of raw materials has been defined to increase the production of molten ingredients by over 10%.

At the same time, a great effort is being exerted to improving the quality of products, in terms of colour, mechanical strength, heat resistence and caking ability.

As a result, factory’s glassware enjoy popularity for their quality. The hard glassware set won the December 15 quality medal for the best products of the country in 2015.