Beverages Favoured by People.

When Kyonghung Unhasu Beverage Factory was erected in Chukjon-dong No. 1, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, and launched its production in September 2017, it turned out only five kinds of beverages.

Officials and technical personnel of the factory found the way of activating business management and production in quality improvement and new products development.

They focused their particular their particular efforts on developing health-promoting products.

To this end, they made analysis of various kinds of natural resources and, based on them, intensified the study of sustaining their tastes and aroma as well as nutritive properties.

And they pushed forward the work of developing new functional drinks enriched with collagen, peptides, vitamins and other nutrients.

They have made it a rule to conduct market research for their products as a part of efforts to constantly improve their quality.

Thanks to their endeavours, the factory products number more than 120 in six kinds, all of which are favourably accepted by customers.

The factory has now become a renowned beverage producer in the country.