“Mineral Vitamin”—Okryu Mineral Water

From olden times, Korea has been called a beautiful land with scenic mountains and clear rivers, and it boasts over 100 kinds of mineral waters.

Among them is the Okryu mineral water which gushes out on the Taedong riverside in Pyongyang. It tastes distinctive, and its medicinal efficacy is marvellous.

The Okryu Mineral Water Shop on the riverside is frequented by many people every day.

Han Sin Ae, a woman living in Neighbourhood Unit 4, Kyongsang-dong, Central District, said:

“I was weak and often suffered from anaemia from my girlhood. But for over 30 years, I have been drinking Okryu mineral water brought from the Okryu Mineral Water Shop just opposite my home, and I have used it for cooking rice and washing my face. As a result, I have no disease, and my face is clear though I am over 60.”

O Yong Sun, a woman living in Phalgol-dong No. 2, Mangyongdae District, said, “I had been suffering from chronic gastritis and arthritis for several years. Later I was completely cured of the diseases after beginning to drink the mineral water. Now it has been my enjoyment to fetch the mineral water from the shop every three days.”

Mineral water from the underground can be referred to as a wonder of nature.

But it is inconceivable apart from the country’s people-oriented policy that Okryu mineral water can make a contribution to the improvement of the people’s health.

The mineral water gushing out of the underground over 190 m deep near Okryu Bridge is sold at a low price.

The water flowing along the bedrock formed 180 millions years ago is also called “mineral vitamin”. The reason is that it contains varieties of minerals good for health, each at about 2 053mg per litre, including calcium, sodium and bicarbonate ion.

It is efficacious in treating various diseases including chronic gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcer, hepatitis, colitis and diabetes and retarding aging. And it can be employed in different treatment methods like drinking, inhalation and cleansing.

The water keeps the temperature of 15℃ all the year round, and the daily yield of the water is tens of cubic metres.

Hong Ae Sun, who has been working as a saleswoman at the shop for 35 years, said, “Whenever I find the customers improving their health thanks to the medicinal water, I make up my mind to serve them better.”