Increase in electricity production.

The electricity production branch, one of the country’s key industries, is ready to fulfill the programmatic tasks presented at the VIII Congress of the Korean Labor Party.

This branch has the task of guaranteeing the stable development of the national economy and the material and cultural life of the people, by fixing and reinforcing all the production bases and increasing them with a view to the future while waging the campaign for increased production for cover the imminent needs of electrical energy.

The workers of the thermoelectric and hydroelectric plants, located in different towns of the country, work intensely to generate more electricity, the main engine of the independent economy.

Thermoelectric plants comply with the daily plan in 103% by increasing the performance of the generators, reducing thermal losses to the maximum and increasing the amount of steam.

To date, the hydroelectric plants have complied with the electricity production plan by 109% by maintaining the high level of retained water and the efficient operation of generators, while the other medium and small-sized plants built throughout the country increased production 1.7 times taking advantage of with efficient hydraulic resources.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Electrical Industry simultaneously promotes projects to consolidate the electrical production base, among others, the manufacture and installation of high-efficiency turbines in hydroelectric plants, the retention of sufficient water in the dams and the modernization of Generator control devices, repair and repair of the faulty boiler system and stands of thermoelectric plants according to the annual plans and the increase in the power of each generator