Electronic Medical Device Factory.

The newly modernized Pyongyang Electronic Medical Device Factory occupies about 13,200 square meters of total building area and has various production processes, general control cabinet, technical development room, scientific-technical dissemination room, etc.

Its construction created a foundation for further developing the country’s medical device industry.

It is provided with sufficient equipment for the production and assembly of electrical and electronic medical devices such as high purity water still, electronic gastroscope, digital X-ray and magnetic resonance diagnostic device, and also has conditions for computer and public services and learning the techniques.

On the 22nd, Choe Sang Gon, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Labor Party of Korea, Ri Song Hak, Vice Premier, Choe Kyong Chol, Minister of Public Health, Ri Il Bae, Chief Secretary of the Party Committee in Mangyongdae Township, and other officials from the related sector toured the company.