The Sonhung Food Processing Plant.

The products of the Sonhung Food Factory are very popular.

When it opened more than 20 years ago, it produced just over a dozen varieties of 2 or 3 products.

But now it produces more than 400 varieties of more than 10 genera, thanks to the full modernization of production processes.

Its products include functional foods of dozens of varieties that contribute to the promotion of public health.

Bread, nougat, cookies, candy, ice cream, drinks and other products are distributed to stores across the country.

The factory has as its business strategy the development of new good products and the production of popular food.

Leader Kim Jong Il saw the items from that plant on several occasions and took steps to increase its production capacity.

Visiting her in December 2010 (99 Juche era), he instructed to produce much more tasty and nutritional food and supply it to the village.