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Pasta, tea, popcorn and other corn-based products, popular in Korea.

Crecen cada día más entre las demandas sobre los alimentos de la Fábrica de Productos Procesados de Maíz de Pyongyang que llevan la marca «Hwanggumisak». La planta produce actualmente más de 40 artículos de casi 20 variedades, incluyendo nuevos productos como fideo y té, así dijo la gerente Ryom Sol Mi en conversación con la ACNC y continuó: […]

Popular Kaesong Koryo Insam Products

The Kaesong Koryo Insam of Korea is widely known to the world as a tonic helping people to lead a long life in good health. Today it is processed into various products including not only cosmetics and medicines, but also health foods in line with the present-day tendencies and according to the development of science […]

Production of Aromatic Essences in Full Swing in DPRK

The Pyongyang Aromatic Trading Company has steadily increased production after it started operation last year. Its products include various kinds of aromatic essences used for making foodstuffs, cosmetics and other daily necessities. The products are considered better than the imported ones. Now they are applied to production at different foodstuff and cosmetics factories, including Pyongyang […]