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Bumper Harvest of Seaweed.

When May and June come around, offshore culture stations along the east and west coasts of Korea greet a harvest season of kelp. Coastal areas of the country with clear water and free from pollution are suitable for offshore fish farming and shallow-sea culture. However, sustained abnormal weather conditions throughout the world have also affected […]

Participants in 6th National Conference of War Veterans Arrive in Pyongyang

War veterans arrived in Pyongyang on July 25 to attend the 6th National Conference of War Veterans to be held on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the Korean people’s victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War. They left for Pyongyang by plane, train and bus in different parts of the country. Before departure, […]

County Prospering by Dint of Self-reliance.

The Kumya River rises in Kidae Peak dividing Yangdok County in South Phyongan Province and Sudong Ward in South Hamgyong Province and flows through Yodok and Kumya counties to empty into the Songjon Bay of the East Sea of Korea. Officials and people in Kumya County have made strenuous efforts to turn it into a […]

Promising Stone Dressing Plant

The Aeguk Stone Dressing Plant located in Yonhua-dong, Haeju, South Hwanghae Province, is famous for quarrying granite which conforms to all the qualitative requirements for the building stone at a higher level. Its annual quarrying capacity is tens of thousands of cubic metres. Visible across the factory is a long stretch of the Suyang Mountains […]

Hospital in a Fairy World

The Okryu Children’s Hospital opposite the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital gives such a feeling of calmness as a baby nestled in mother’s bosom. The exterior of the hospital looks like a building of lego bricks while its inside is reminiscent of a fairy world. The walls of corridors, staircases, wards and treatment rooms are decorated with […]

Ssirum—Traditional Sporting Event

Ssirum (Korean wrestling) is one of the cultural assets of the Korean nation. Since long ago, Korean people enjoyed playing ssirum during break times on the edges of fields, on the grass, and on riverside or seaside sandy soil. On folk holidays, in particular, wrestling grounds laid out at scenic spots were thronged with people, […]

Sincerity of an Educator

Prof. and Dr. Ri Je Myong, a department head of Resource Sounding Engineering Faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology, is one of high-profile figures in the drilling technology sector. Since his graduation from the university, he has devoted himself to the development of science and education for 30 years. In the past, he realized […]

Candidate Vaccine for COVID-19 Developed in DPRK

The Medical Biology Institute under the Academy of Medical Science in the DPRK succeeded in developing a recombinant subunit vaccine for COVID-19. The vaccine is designed on the basis of gene sequence of virus spike protein which binds Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2), the receptor for SARS-CoV-2. The safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine was verified […]

Scenic Spot—Mt Taesong

Mt Taesong is one of scenic spots in Korea. It is located between Taesong and Samsok districts. Its name derived from a big fortress which was built in the period of Koguryo to repel foreign invasion. It was also called Mt Kuryong, Mt Ryong or Mt Royang. As the mountain, covered with pine trees, is […]

Mass-based Art and Literature Activities in Full Swing

White- and blue-collar workers, farmers and students in the DPRK are conducting art and literature activities, while bringing their talents into full bloom in the reality vibrant with creation and innovations. Among them is Ri Kwang Suk, a worker at the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory who is held dear and respected by the people. As she […]

New Bearing-making Technology Developed

A porous cast iron sleeve bearing-making technology of great economic value is widely used in the machine-building industry sector of the DPRK. The sleeve bearing is made of expensive nonferrous metal and its melting, moulding and machining processes are very complicated, with large power consumption. The new technology makes it possible to make the sleeve […]

Honourable Life of a Scientist

President Kim Il Sung was the benevolent father of the Korean people, who ensured that they, oppressed and maltreated for centuries, enjoyed the genuine life and happiness. Among them who glorified their lives under the meticulous care of the President were numerous intellectuals, including Kye Ung Sang, a renowned scientist in genetics and sericulture. Kye […]

Pyongyang Golf Course

The Pyongyang Golf Course is located in Thaesong-ri, Kangso District, Nampho City. Renovated in 2019, it covers an area of about 200 hectares and has an accommodation capacity of over 200 persons at a time. In its compound through the golf ball-looking gate, one can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of golf courses. The courses, with […]

Regarding Self-reliance as a Treasured Sword for Prosperity

At the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea held in December last year, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said that we should make a frontal breakthrough by dint of self-reliance to tide over the difficulties lying in the way of advance of socialist construction. The spirit of […]

DPRK Ensures Health and Rights of Women and Girls.

July 11 is World Population Day. In November last year, a meeting on the population and development was held in Nairobi, Kenya. Many agreements were made at the meeting, including the specific plans for reducing the possibly preventive mortality rate of pregnant women and nursing mothers in all countries, fully meeting the demands of women […]

Lacquering Art of Korea

The lacquering art is the national craftwork indigenous to Korea which decorates various furniture and utensils by painting them with lacquer. It has such features as durability, purity and lustre for its peculiar material. Wood is mainly used as the groundwork material for lacquering, and sometimes metals and unglazed ceramics. It applies various decorating methods; […]

Floral Tribute to Statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il

Working people, service personnel of the People’s Army, youth and students visited the statues of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in all parts of the country on July 8, the greatest national memorial day. Laid before the statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill were […]