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Pyongyang – capital of the DPRK

Pyongyang is the capital city of the DPRK and the centre of politics, the economy and culture. As the cradle of the Taedonggang Civilization, it has over 5 000-year-long history since Tangun, father of the Korean nation, established Ancient Korea and set Pyongyang as its capital. Major Attractions: Grand Monument on Mansu Hill, Tower of […]

Open-worked Ceramic Vase

The open-worked white ceramic vase is a gift the 87th batch of home-visiting group of Korean residents in China presented to President Kim Il Sung in September Juche 80 (1991). The group consisted of veterans who fought in defence of the country during the Fatherland Liberation War and witnessed the greatness of the President. Whenever […]

Natural Monument—Chonju Falls at Puyon-ri

Chonju Falls is located in a deep valley 14 km away from Puyon-ri, Sinhung County, South Hamgyong Province. Chonju Peak stands in the east of the waterfalls and Mt Kodae in the north along the Pujonryong Mountains. The area, which is formed of granite, is overgrown with such trees as oak, maple and Aceraceae meno. […]

Green Architecture Technologies in Ryomyong Street

Green architecture technologies have been introduced into the construction of Ryomyong Street in Pyongyang. Solar-heating technology and geothermal cooling-and-heating system have been applied in the buildings, with the result that a large amount of heat energy is being saved every year. Solar panels have been installed to provide necessary illumination by means of renewable energy. […]

Taesongsan-brand Products in Public Favour

The Pyongyang Sports Goods Factory produces a variety of Taesongsan-brand products much favoured by consumers. It turns out various forms of sports goods, including different kinds of balls, gloves for Taekwon-Do practitioners, bags for sportspersons and sportswear, to suit the features of events and the physical constitution of players. Eye-catching is a 3×3 basketball which […]

Kim Su Chol and His Painting Pyongyang in the 19th Century

Kim Su Chol, a typical painter of realistic tendency active in the 19th century, was good at painting landscapes, flowers, grass, etc. Typical of his works are A Farmhouse Surrounded by Prunus Mume, A Pine Grove, Waterfalls, Jangan Temple and Kuryong Pool. In particular, the painter gave full play to his skills in drawing Pyongyang […]

Indispensable Prerequisite for Peace and Stability on Korean Peninsula

Seventy years have passed since a war broke out on this land. The Korean war forced by the United States left painful scars and inflicted tremendous human and material losses upon the Korean people. The suffering of national division whereby kinsfolk of the same blood are compelled to live apart continues still today. As the […]

Chongryon Carries Forward Tradition of Patriotism

The Koreans resident in Japan are the victims of distress-torn history of the Korean people who were drafted to Japan during the Japanese military occupation (1905-1945) and deprived of their national dignity and rights to live, and their descendants. During the hard-fought Fatherland Liberation War (June 1950-July 1953) President Kim Il Sung had a talk […]

Labour Law for Working People.

In June Juche 35 (1946), the DPRK proclaimed a labour law for the first time in its history. After Korea’s liberation from the Japanese military occupation on August 15, 1945, the workers and other working people embarked on the road of building a new country. This being the situation, the issue of enacting a new […]

Book “Koguryo-Japan Relations” Published.

The Science and Encyclopedia Publishing House of the DPRK has recently published a book “Koguryo-Japan Relations”, which deals with the political and cultural influence of Koguryo (277 BC-AD 668) on Japan. The book was written by Candidate Academician, Prof. and Dr. Jo Hui Sung of the History Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences who […]

Art Performance Given by Mansudae Art Troupe on DPRK Anniversary

[nggallery id=35]A music and dance performance was given by the Mansudae Art Troupe at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre on Sunday, the 64th anniversary of the DPRK. Enjoying the performance were senior party, state and army officials including Kim Yong Nam, the chairperson of a friendly party, deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly, officials of […]