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Old Architectural Structures on Moran Hill.

Moran Hill in Pyongyang, whose name derived from its appearance resembling a blooming peony flower, abounds with historical remains associated with the Korean nation’s intelligence and talent. In particular, there are many remains of the Walled City of Pyongyang built in the period of Koguryo (277 BC-AD 668), including Ulmil and Choesung pavilions, and Chilsong, […]

Okryu Restaurant Overflows with National Flavor

Okryu Restaurant in the capital city of Pyongyang is a renowned structure of Korean architectural style with elegant and unique gabled roofs. The appearance of the restaurant which stands on the Okryu cliffs on the banks of the picturesque Taedong River resembles the wings of a flying crane. As a Korean saying goes that the […]

Present-day Thaesong-ri.

A few hours’ drive along the Youth Hero Motorway from Pyongyang reaches a rural village nestled at the foot of the hills on the left. This is the seat of Thaesong-ri in Kangso District of Nampho. Thaesong-ri is associated with the leadership exploits of President Kim Il Sung who visited it several times to acquaint […]

Flocks of Sheep Grazing by Lake Pujon.

The Pujon Plateau in South Hamgyong Province, one of the eight scenic spots in Korea, offers spectacular scenery of highlands and valleys, and even sunrise over the faraway East Sea of Korea. In the middle of the plateau surrounded by high mountains of some 2 000 metres is Lake Pujon stretching from north to south. […]

Up Toward the Blue Sky.

Pyongyang Municipal Aviation Club always takes leading places in the sporting aviation events of annual games including the Republic Championships. It regards it important to select reserves with a clear head and suitable constitution for each event and instruct them to acquire correct techniques from the basic training period, thus preparing them into promising players. […]

Efforts for Development of Pomiculture.

The Pomiculture Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science is producing findings conducive to developing the pomiculture of the country. In the past, it has registered over 300 varieties of fruits as the national species and developed the methods for cultivation of dwarf apple trees and close planting of pear trees and established a fertilizing […]

Pioneers of Cutting-Edge Science and Technology.

The Korean young people are glorifying the days of their precious youth with feats of creation for the county’s prosperity, and among them are young scientists of the State Academy of Sciences. Regarding the creation of new things as their ideal and goal, they have made a big stride in pioneering and developing several branches […]

First Summer in the Facelifted Samjiyon.

The city of Samjiyon in Ryanggang Province at the foot of Mt Paektu greeted the first summer after its facelift. Samjiyon County was promoted to the city at the end of last year after it was turned into a model of mountainous city encapsulating modern civilization. The Pegaebong observation platform is sited to command a […]

Challenge Boldly.

“A scientist must take it for granted to challenge the unexplored field of science to blaze a new path.” This is what Dr. and associate professor Pak Jong Ok, lecturer of Physics Department of Basic Science Faculty of Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering, always says to her disciples. Born into a teacher’s family, she was […]

Efforts to Industrialize Breeding of Cygnus atratus.

The Kwangpho Duck Farm in Jongphyong County, South Hamgyong Province, is making achievements in the scientific research for putting the breeding of Cygnus atratus on an industrial basis. The meat of Cygnus atratus is recognized as an outstanding health food and ideal anticancer food in the 21st century for its peculiar taste and high nutritive […]

Jindallae Mobile Phone Factory.

Jindallae mobile phones are good-looking in shape, diversified in colour, high in quality and comfortable to use. They have such applications as fingerprint, image and speech recognitions. They are produced at the Jindallae Mobile Phone Factory located in Mangyongdae District of Pyongyang. The factory with an annual production capacity of hundreds of thousands of phones […]

Natural Monument—Ryonju Pools.

Ryonju Pools are located in Okryu Valley of Kuryongyon District of Outer Kumgang in Onjong-ri, Kosong County, Kangwon Province. There is a steep cliff north of the pools and Kuryong Pond 400 metres southwest of them. Ryonju Pools are so named as the two pools look like stringed two beads. They came into being by […]

Home of Happiness for Old People.

In April Juche 35 (1946), the following year after Korea’s liberation, President Kim Il Sung convened a consultative meeting of senior officials of South Phyongan provincial and Pyongyang city committees of the Workers’ Party of Korea, in which he referred to the need for the State to take care of the elderly with no one […]

Choe Ryong Hae Learns about Emergency Anti-epidemic Work in Kaesong

Choe Ryong Hae, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, first vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and president of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly, acquainted himself with the emergency anti-epidemic work in Kaesong City. As part of the […]

Quality Hard Glassware Are Produced.

Huichon Hard Glassware Factory in Huichon, Jagang Province, was inaugurated in September 2005. And it has already achieved its fame across the country for producing various kinds of utensils. It is equipped with ample processes and automatic machines and facilities for glassware production, ranging from raw materials feeding to packaging via melting, blowing, pattern decorating […]

Fireworks Display Marks V-Day

Fireworks were displayed in Pyongyang on July 27, the 67th anniversary of the Korean people’s victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War. A large number of people gathered in different parts of the capital city near the Tower of the Juche Idea, including Okryu Bridge and Taedonggang Bridge, to watch the fireworks. At 21:00, fireworks […]

Floral Tribute Paid to Statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Officials, working people and service personnel of the People’s Army visited the statues of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in different parts of the country on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the Korean people’s victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War. A floral basket sent by Kim Jong […]