Hospital in a Fairy World

The Okryu Children’s Hospital opposite the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital gives such a feeling of calmness as a baby nestled in mother’s bosom.

The exterior of the hospital looks like a building of lego bricks while its inside is reminiscent of a fairy world. The walls of corridors, staircases, wards and treatment rooms are decorated with paintings of fairy tales for the children, totaling over 1 720.

In several places of the hospital are laid out playgrounds furnished with amusement and recreational facilities as well as soft chairs in various colours and forms.

Little visitors to the hospital take pleasure in looking carefully at the paintings or playing at the resting places, often forgetting that they are in the hospital.

Parents and doctors unanimously appreciate the environment of the hospital conducive to the treatment of the children.

The hospital is amply equipped with modern facilities for treatment, a telemedicine system with children’s hospitals in every province, and a heliport for transporting emergency cases.

Besides, it has classrooms so that little inpatients can study without letup.

Since its inauguration in October 2013, it has brought health and laughter back to a lot of children.

Though short, its history tells of miraculous stories about how its doctors resuscitated in 18 hours an infant who fell unconscious from toxic dyspepsia, and cured a boy who could neither hear nor speak for over a decade.