Scenic Spot—Mt Taesong

Mt Taesong is one of scenic spots in Korea.

It is located between Taesong and Samsok districts. Its name derived from a big fortress which was built in the period of Koguryo to repel foreign invasion. It was also called Mt Kuryong, Mt Ryong or Mt Royang.

As the mountain, covered with pine trees, is tinted with green all the year round, it has been counted as one of eight famous views of Pyongyang from ancient times.

Besides, there are also man-made lakes and ponds and beautiful waterfalls in the mountain, which add more to its landscape.

Mt Taesong is renowned for many historical relics of Koguryo.

Among them are Taesongsan Fort built in the period from the 3rd century to the 5th century, over 20 gate sites, pond sites and basins, a granary site, Anhak Palace site at the foot of the mountain, and groups of ancient tombs. Such historical relics as the pavilion on Jangsu Peak, Nam Gate and Kwangbop Temple have been restored to their original state.

In the mountain, there are the Central Zoo, the Central Botanical Garden and the Taesongsan Amusement Park furnished with a variety of amusement facilities.

On Jujak Peak of the mountain is the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery where the remains of the anti-Japanese fighters who dedicated their lives for their national liberation are buried.

Today, it has been turned into a cultural resort, which draws endless streams of local people, overseas Koreans and foreigners.