Sincerity of an Educator

Prof. and Dr. Ri Je Myong, a department head of Resource Sounding Engineering Faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology, is one of high-profile figures in the drilling technology sector.

Since his graduation from the university, he has devoted himself to the development of science and education for 30 years.

In the past, he realized the construction method of marine railway bridge based on pier boring technology without building cofferdam. He also developed a substitute boring solution and made many achievements by solving sci-tech problems for producing a rock-breaking tool which had been imported.

He presented dozens of treatises, including studies of hydraulic churn drilling and designing of multi-direction boring machine.

He trained many talents who would play a leading role in developing drilling technology of the country.

He always says to his students: Learn everything to apply it in practice. Knowledge that remains only in the brain in one’s lifetime is useless.

He directs efforts to teaching students to give full play to their mental potentialities and acquire new and useful knowledge more quickly and turn them to practical use.

He closely combines education, scientific research and production in all subjects in keeping with the features of engineering education to ensure that students set their research project in their university days and design, manufacture and operate it by themselves.

As a result, students are preparing themselves to be creative talents with great faculties of inquiry and application.

Most of lecturers in his department are holders of academic degrees or titles with great practical and creative abilities. The department is playing the main role as the academic centre in the drilling technology sector of the country.

Ri Je Myong said: The State puts forward educators as a treasure of the country and provides them with the best teaching and living conditions. I couldn’t forget the day in September two years ago, when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited our university and took a souvenir photo with teachers. He encouraged us to become the leading chariot and engine powerfully propelling the development of the country’s science and technology and the economic construction. There would be no blessed educators like us in the world. Love and trust should be rewarded with loyalty. I will live up to his trust, devoting myself to the education and scientific research.